Our Programs

Physical Health/Sex Education:

Teach young girls about sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

At the end of this program, students will have acquired the necessary knowledge to make educated decisions about their bodies and sexual health.


Students will be introduced to several sewing techniques (e.g., how to sew a variety of stitches, apply buttons and closures, sew in zippers and complete projects, get out stitches, and problem-solving skills).

Career readiness, career planning, and community engagement:

The goal of this program is to introduce students to careers by bringing community members to the center 2-3 times a month to speak with students about their profession.

Academic tutoring:

Academic tutoring in math, computer skills, and language arts will help girls boost their confidence and self-efficacy, strengthening their subject comprehension, and building their learning skills.

English Language and Basic English Conversation Skills:

The main objectives of this activity are to prepare students to excel in their English speaking and comprehension. For example, their English exit exam will be part of their final high school year exit exam.