Sex Education and Girl Now Woman Later

One more key to preparing for the future. All together for sex education in schools.

Girl Now Woman Later’s main mission is to improve the literacy rate in Burkina Faso. The organization will also focus on the need for sex education in the various middle schools and high schools in Burkina Faso. Sex education could help in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and can also contribute to reducing the school dropout rate.

Education is the basis of every human being’s life. It represents the values that an individual receives since childhood, which will serve as a guide throughout their life. Receiving a good education, in general, is a true foundation for success. Hence, the right to education is given to every child born in Burkina Faso.

Furthermore, sex education is a right for all people in Burkina Faso. It is stated in the law (N°049-2005/AN) on reproductive health that “all individuals, including adolescents and children, are equal in the right and dignity in matters of reproductive health” (“Sante De La Reproduction,” 2016).

Sex education in schools allows children and young adults to have the power to respect and protect themselves and others. According to the French Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports it is an educational approach that aims to:

* Identify the different dimensions of sexuality (i.e., biological, emotional, cultural, ethical, social, and legal).

* Develop the exercise of critical thinking.

* Promote responsible individual and collective behavior (prevention, protection of self and others).

* Make known the specific sources of information, help, and support within and outside the institution. This approach is part of national policy.

* Prevention and risk reduction of early and unwanted pregnancies, STIs, HIV/AIDS.

* Fight against homophobic and sexist behavior and sexual violence.

Girl Now Woman Later is concerned for the children of Burkina Faso, particularly young women, and their access to comprehensive sexual education. We support the State in this fight to ensure all young people have access to the education about their bodies they deserve.

It also promotes equal rights between men and women because women's rights are very often violated.

Including sex education sessions in schools would not only allow children to better understand the different physical transformations they undergo as they grow up, but it would also help them better respect others. Above all, sex education courses can be an efficient method to keeping young girls in school because it will help them in preventing forced marriages.

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Kanmouni Carine Farida

Translated by Simone Bado

Feb 18, 2021

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